September 5, 2018

Community of outsiders

  Inside the steel safety cage of a car’s frame, behind the noise-canceling windows, sipping on a soft drink as your children watch “The Incredibles” on the built-in DVD player behind you, you can be lulled into an illusion of self-sufficiency. While the drivers around you might have similar vehicles, your vehicle is your world, and you are able to split from the caravan at any given time. Riding with a group of motorcycles is more akin to belonging to a pack. The bikes around you create your safety net. They provide your soundtrack. And if one splits off, the group must either adjust for the absence or stop altogether….

August 16, 2018

The 7 Ps

I awoke with flat ground beneath me, a rock jutting into my shoulder blade and leaves rustling next to my head. The situation was surreal considering I fell asleep four feet above ground, comfortably cradled in my new Alpha Outpost hammock. Groggy with sleep, I wondered if this might be some cruel dream. Both my head and feet were still hoisted, so I knew I’d not fallen out of the contraption. I decided to handle the situation like any other mid-night crisis — go back to sleep and deal with it in the morning. Drifting off again, I listened to the breeze meander through the woods, cicadas croak their dreadful…