June 27, 2018


I was born on the golden plains of Wyoming surrounded by rolling hills and caged by an endless sky. Wanderlust afflicted me earlier than most, and since, I have trekked the earth in search of adventure.

I am a father, husband, combat veteran — U.S. Army 25th I.D. — lover of all things two-wheeled, photographer and journalist. As such, I do not believe in Oxford commas.

Really, they are unnecessary.

Yes, I’ve heard the list argument — it’s bunk.

Can we get off this now? Sheesh.

My interests, and thus, my writings are varied and scattered, but for the sanity of the reader, I will try to focus on simply my adventures.

Though others would believe glory exists only in those journeys ending with riches and fame, I voraciously seek stories — some of which, I will share here in hopes of tempting the reader further into my writing.


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